About Us

Over the past year, Afritrade has developed an envied reputation as a quality provider of road transport and distribution in South Africa and Africa through a persistent focus on service. Our commitment to service is built on a culture of trust, responsibility and accountability.
Primary elements required in providing consistent, healthy delivery solutions are as follows:

  • Strength – excellent history and financially strong
  • Information Technology – innovative and personalised
  • Quality Culture – process and customer centric driven with transparent results
  • Management Plan – expertise and experience
  • Adaptable – customised customer solutions based on understanding

As with all customised solutions offered, Afritrade proposes to combine the above attributes to provide your business with the required road transport and distribution solution. Its focus will remain on all key areas, not simply those of the current.

The overall goal of Afritrade’s performance is that all its subsystems (processes, departments, teams, employees, etc.) work together in an optimum fashion to achieve your businesses desired results.

Key initiatives for Afritrade include:

  • Continuous improvement of service standards through promotion of compliance
  • Supporting staff and improve overall growth and system compliance
  • Continued focus on training and emphasis on reporting

Afritrade is focused on continuous improvement while increasing effectiveness and efficiency to fulfil its policies and objectives. It is not limited to quality initiatives. Improvement in business strategy, customer, employee and supplier business relationships is subject to continual improvement. Putting it simply, it means “getting better all the time.”